Solar Data Collection Using Arduino

…every-day UC Davis student’s question, “Where do I nap on campus between classes?”


solarData_mapThe objective of this project was to design a GUI, in MATLAB, that allows its user to gain solar readings, of an area of their choosing (part of the UC Davis campus), using an Arduino device. The data gained must then be stored in the program. A second GUI must then be created. The second GUI allows the user to choose which data they would like to view and displays the solar data, gained in part 1, in a neat, concise way. Before this experiment, we expected that the most open areas, with the least amount of buildings, trees, and other objects around, to have the highest solar power readings. Because of the poor weather, we were forced to take solar readings on days with rolling clouds and rain. While this does make the solar readings less effective, the distribution should be roughly the same as if we had sampled on perfectly sunny days

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